Sir Lockwood Smith

Former High Commissioner to the UK

Government of New Zealand


Sir Lockwood completed his M Agr Sc (Hons) at Massey University in New Zealand, lectured there in ruminant nutrition before winning a Commonwealth Scholarship to study for his Ph.D. in animal science at the Waite Agricultural Research Institute, University of Adelaide.

In the early 1980s he managed part of the then NZ Dairy Board’s marketing activities around southern and eastern Asia. Elected to the New Zealand Parliament in 1984, during a 29 year Parliamentary career, Sir Lockwood held the ministerial portfolios of education, tourism, deputy finance, forestry, agriculture and international trade.

As  Minister of Agriculture he initiated reform of the NZ Dairy Board that led to the formation of Fonterra. The highly successful “100% Pure” marketing campaign for Tourism NZ, he established while Minister of Tourism and was the first Trade Minister in the world to sign China up to the WTO.  Sir Lockwood was involved in developing New Zealand’s global trade strategy, initiating the study that led to the ASEAN-Australia NZ FTA and the agreement with Singapore that ultimately led to the CP TPP.

He was elected Speaker of New Zealand Parliament in 2008 before taking up the role of High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ambassador to Ireland in 2013, retiring in 2017.

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