John Weekes

Senior Business Adviser

Bennett Jones


John Weekes is a senior business adviser at the Canadian law firm Bennett Jones.

He is an expert in international trade policy, trade agreements, and the settlement of trade disputes. He provides clients with an insider’s perspective on how governments approach such matters, including the negotiation, implementation and management of trade agreements and trade relations. With his extensive experience he assists businesses and governments to develop strategies to advance and protect their interests. He enjoys opportunities to think outside the box and elaborate innovative solutions to the challenges faced by clients.

He served the Government of Canada in numerous senior positions in the field of international trade policy including as Assistant Deputy Minister for Trade Policy, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister for the United States, Chief Negotiator for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and earlier as Ambassador to the GATT during the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations that led to the creation of the WTO.

Mr. Weekes participates regularly in conferences on the challenges facing the trading system and related political issues and contributes articles to newspapers and magazines.

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