Hans Maessen

Independent Customs Advisor

Business & Government


Hans Maessen is an independent customs advisor for business and government.  After his MBA study at the Rotterdam School of Management, He started his career in customs brokerage in 1985 by taking over the brokerage firm of his father in the Netherlands.  He has experienced the creation of the EU internal market in 1992 and the complete automation of the customs industry since then.  Innovation and finding new business concepts in the customs industry have driven Hans throughout his career.  As chairman of the customs board of Fenex, the Dutch Association of forwarders and customs brokers, he has served the customs industry for 8 years till 2014.  After the sale of his company Maco Customs Service, in 2017 he has become an independent advisor, specialised in the administrative, legal and IT aspects of customs brokerage in the European Union.

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