Christer Andersson

Independent International Customs Expert


Christer Andersson has spent almost 30 years working within Customs and Border Management in relation to IT and innovative technologies. Andersson has a broad experience from projects around the world, involving Single Window, Risk Management, Trusted Trader/AEO, Fast-track solutions and smart borders. As the former Chief Architect of Swedish Customs, Andersson was responsible for the ICT strategy and long-term planning of the IT and business changes within Customs. He has been engaged in several different missions with Customs administrations and EU. This includes collaboration, discussions and benchmarking studies on the solutions, IT-strategies and architecture that will be the foundation for the next generation IT-solutions within Customs and border management. Andersson led the Swedish analysis of the e-Customs and the Unified Customs Code (UCC) from an IT-perspective in order to create action plans and requirements for the future Customs Trade System (CTS).

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