County Hall Westminster, London – Thursday 15 March 2018


London Conference

Welcome to Prosperity UK London Conference 2018

Green Brexit: A New Era for Farming, Fishing and the Environment

Our generation has the unique opportunity to shape a new set of policies for the UK on the future of food production, environmental protection and the rural economy.

If you are a food producer, an environmental campaigner, a conservationist, a policy-maker, an investor or an entrepreneur, we want to hear about your ideas and ambitions for the UK outside the EU.

– Outside the Common Agricultural Policy, how will ‘public money for public goods’ actually work?

– How can the UK continue to lead global responses to threats like climate change and soil degradation after we leave the EU?

– What does the City really make of green finance and natural capital?

– How can the UK best help restore abundance to the world’s oceans outside the Common Fisheries Policy?

– Are new technologies and innovations about to transform UK food production?

– We need to re-connect rural and urban UK. How?

Help us answer these vital questions at Prosperity UK’s invitation-only conference featuring a keynote address by the Secretary of State, speeches from other leading opinion-formers as well as Q&A sessions and panel-led discussions.


Date: Thursday 15 March 2018
Timings: subject to final agenda
Location: Westminster, London
Venue: County Hall
Address: Riverside Building, London SE1 7PB

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