Prosperity UK Alternative Arrangements Commission

Prosperity UK Alternative Arrangements Commission
Consultation on Interim Report

Prosperity UK published its interim report on Alternative Arrangements for the Irish Border on 24 June 2019. The Alternative Arrangements Commission has sought the views of stakeholders, especially those in Northern Ireland and Ireland, during its work. The Commission would welcome input and feedback on the interim report as it seeks to develop and refine its proposals.

Those commenting on the proposals are encouraged to do so within the scope of the Commission’s work. The Commission is committed to Alternative Arrangements for the UK – Irish Border that can be delivered in a timely fashion and without the presence of physical infrastructure at the frontier, while protecting the Belfast/ Good Friday Agreement. Lastly, Alternative Arrangements must ensure the UK retains an independent trade and regulatory policy.

It is no longer possible to submit your feedback via this form. The deadline for responses was Monday 8 July at 18:00hrs

The deadline for feedback expired on Monday 8 July at 18:00hrs